The Process

From your ideas to the delivery of your bespoke furniture, how we work.
You require a new piece of furniture or kitchen but can't find the right size, design, colour or finish. You have researched the internet, magazines and had a good look at retailers but are concerned about the quality and longevity of what is on offer.

Step 1: Get inspired using magazines, websites and brochures to find pieces that you like the style, colour, finish or function of.

Step 2: Ask yourself is it exactly what you want?
-Think how you can individualise it to meet your requirements for your home, style and function?
- Do you need it bigger, deeper, longer, wider, would you prefer it fitted or free-standing?
-Would an extra bank of draws be more benefit rather than cupboard space?
-Is the colour or finish in keeping with your style and home?
-Is it within your budget, is it worth the money that is being asked?
-Finally, is it made from solid wood, handcrafted so that it is hardwearing and durable to withstand the demands put upon it?
Here are some examples of what we have achieved, from ideas, the drawings and the finished product.


Step 3: Make a sketch of what you are wanting, with the dimensions such as length, width and height of the overall piece of furniture. If you require specific features such as draws, shelves, cupboards and doors then add these in with detail so we can gage what you are wanting. If you require help with these then we can visit you to discuss your needs and we can make the drawings for you and assist you with your ideas.

Step 4: Now you can do either of the following:
• Email your designs to for a rough estimate to see if we are within your budget. This also allows us to view your designs and check the details to make sure it will work.
• Visit us at Colystock Kitchens to discuss your design, we are happy for our customers to pop in to discuss any new projects or to see work in progress. We will give you a quote as soon as we can.
• We are happy to visit you to discuss your ideas and assist in your design.

Step 5: When you have finalised your design with us, a detailed drawing with an estimate will be issued allowing you to see what work will be done by us with a costing plan, with our term and conditions. When you have agreed to this we can proceed with your order. A 40% deposit is required and we will aim to complete within 6- 8 weeks. You are welcome to visit the workshop to view your furniture in progress, if you change your design or dimensions then we will inform you of any change to the price before we continue.

Step 6: Eagerly wait for your handcrafted, solid wood, bespoke piece of furniture. We will deliver and fit to your home which will be in the original quotation. We hope you are entirely satisfied with your final product and if so, please enjoy. If you are not happy then contact us immediately so we can discuss your concerns and we endeavour to make the corrections so to the end you are completely happy with the design, dimensions, finish, colour and craftsmanship. We are happy to advise you how to best look after your bespoke solid wood piece of furniture so that you can enjoy it for many years ahead.